About Us

Our company was born over a cup of coffee at a professional baseball game in Edmonton, Alberta from the idea that GPS Fleet Management didn’t need to be expensive, complicated to use and difficult to receive help when needed. With offices in Trail, British Columbia and Mansfield, Texas. AC Global GPS is small enough to provide great service and support to every customer, yet agile enough to take on projects of all sizes throughout North America. We utilize local contractors and installers in each region following our belief that supporting each local community is paramount to the long term growth and substantiality of our company and the communities in which our customers do business.

Since 2005, our dedicated team has been helping companies like yours meet their mobile asset operational goals by reducing fuel costs up to 30%, improving productivity up to 23%, reducing maintenance costs up to 21% and improving customer service using our suite of GPS fleet management solutions.

We look forward to working with you on an affordable solution to manage your fleet remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone. All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee and there are no long term contracts, an industry leading 3 year warranty and open monthly service plans that can change monthly ensuring your business can stay flexible. Please contact us today for more information

Nationwide Installation Services

Boost efficiency and drive performance right from the start with proper installation of your GPS tracking devices. When businesses like...

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