• We became a customer of Shaun's and AC Global System in 2010 and have used his services and the company ever since. We installed the GPS units in all of our equipment and trucks. It not only keeps up by the minute where the vehicles are located but also helps us track the idle time, the hours of running operation and shortest routes to calls for service. These reports have helped us reduce our run time, save almost 30% in fuel costs and allow us to keep our equipment maintained better. I would recommend his product to anyone with any type of fleet.
    Public Works Manager
  • We became a customer of AC Global Systems Inc. in the summer of 2011. Since then we have seen incredible value in the AC Global Systems products and have now become resellers of their cutting edge GPS systems and tracking. We work extremely close with Shaun Ashman, President of AC Global Systems in the United States.
    Fleet Customer
  • In my present responsibilities I am charged with the personal safety and security of a number of employees and family members in the company. This past year I had some equipment installed to assist me in my duties. This equipment was provided by AC Global Systems, Inc. which I chose specifically because Mr. Shaun Ashman, VP, Business Operations was referred to me through a former colleague of mine in the law enforcement community. From the first meeting Mr. Ashman was professional and responsive to my needs. He was clear on the description of the equipment, the equipment's capabilities, the install time, the pricing and billing procedures. Shaun has always been timely in responding to my emails and if he does not answer the phone, which is rare, he returns calls promptly. He has gone the "extra mile" in assisting me in the management of this equipment and the computer application that it has as an important feature.

    As for the equipment, I cannot be more satisfied. The equipment has given me more comfort and flexibility in the management of my responsibilities. I regularly rely on the equipment to assist me in one of the most important aspects of my duties. The equipment has worked wonderfully in both the urban and country terrain.

    I would highly recommend AC Global Systems, Inc. and Shaun Ashman to provide a service and equipment for similar needs.
    Oil Company Executive
  • I have been working with AC Global Systems since August of 2011. Our company provides AC Global’ s GPS system's to our customers including executive protection and loss prevention of family members, and assets of very influential families in the Dallas/ Ft Worth Metroplex. Our company is so confident in AC Global systems that all of our customers prepay for a year of GPS service when they sign up through our company.
    AC Global TX Dealer
  • I see the relationship with AC Global Systems and Shaun Ashman as long term one that will provide me with significant hardware and recurring monthly revenue from clients that we bring to AC Global Systems.
    AC Global SC Agent
  • We have been using the AC Global Satellite tracking system for the past twelve months and could not be happier. This system has completely changed the way we operate and the level of service we are able to offer our customers. The software is very user friendly and easily accessible. The reports that this service can provide has saved our company nearly $8000.00 in the last twelve months alone. We have eliminated any unnecessary driving by precisely monitoring our equipment 24 hours a day. We especially like the ability to let the shipper have access to monitor their shipment while in transit, this feature helped us land an account where high dollar cargo was shipped and security was a top priority. AC Global was a great investment, better service, less overhead and unnecessary idling or out of route driving. The best part is, we can get the majority of this information right on our cell phone! Thanks again AC Global.
    Trucking Company Owner
  • I am pleased to provide a testimonial as a new user of the AC Global System fleet management GPS system (spring 2013).

    The reasons we implemented the AC Global System were varied but include the following:
    • Safety – to enhance the ability to locate and dispatch staff quickly. As in many small municipalities, our staff often works alone and the ability to track vehicles as well as to determine non-movement for significant periods is a safety procedure enhancement.
    • Environmental – data regarding idling time, speed, distance, routing is available and reduction in greenhouse gases is potentially increased (Carbon Neutral Plan Goals).
    • Asset Control – data to allow better scheduling of maintenance is available thus extending the asset life and reducing costs over time.
    • Mindfulness –more awareness of the use and treatment of the asset.

    The system is very user friendly and was productive within a week of implementation. Reports may be developed and tailored to specific uses easily. We chose AC Global for its features and benefits; however, being able to access local assistance as well as supporting a regional business is also satisfying.
    Municipal Chief Administrative Officer