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GPS Rental Program



Lifetime warranty-----
6 Month Contract-----
Integrates with Driver ID----
Monitor harsh breaking & Acceleration----
Warranty3 year warranty3 year warranty3 year warranty1 Year3 year warranty3 year warranty
Open Service Plans with No Contracts-
30-Day Money Back Guarantee-
Monitor Ignition On/Off--
Call Phone Number to Hear Vehicle Location (IVR)
Monitor One Input-----
Monitor Up to Three Inputs (in addition to ignition)---
High Sensitivity GPS---
Create Sub-User Accounts
Group Vehicles
Reporting Interval (in minutes if not noted)30 sec, 1,2,5 min service plans30 sec, 1,2,5 min service plans30 sec, 1,2,5 min service plans8hr/12hr10/3010/30
Locate On-Demand (ping at any time)-
Programming API Scripts-
Low Battery Voltage Notification
Auto Perimeter Fence (Unauthorized Movement Alerts)----
“optional” Starter disable---
"optional" Door unlock---
Disconnect Message----
Reconnect Message-
Internal Antennas-
External Antennas-----
On-Board Memory Locations20,000 stored locations20,000 stored locations20,000 stored locations2,0003,0003,000
Internal Battery----
Motion Sensor----
Operating Range 6-24 Volt----
Water Resistant (IP67 Rated)---
Integrates with Garmin devicesGarmin IntegrationGarmin Integration
Alert Features
Harsh Breaking & Acceleration Alerts----
Posted Speed Alerts----
Input Alerts----
Power Reconnect Alert----
Low Battery Alert----
Send Alerts to Cell Phone
Send Alerts to Email
Set Idle Time Duration Alerts---
Set Off-Hour Alerts-
Set Unauthorized Movement Alerts---
Set Stop Duration Alerts---
Set Speed Alerts---
Set Maintenance Alerts-
Set Geofence Alerts
Mapping Features
Displays All Vehicles on One Mapping Page
Includes Current Location, Heading, and Speed-
View Historical Travel Patterns (breadcrumb)One Click Vehicle HistoryOne Click Vehicle History
Dispatch Closest Vehicle--
Create Driving Directions--
Set Up Landmarks
Set Speed Alerts--
Set Square Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
Set Poly Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
Import/Export Landmarks
Download Historical Data to Excel
Change Map Icons/Map Labels
See Street Views
Display Real-Time Traffic (where available)
Generated Report Features
Receive E-mailed Reports Daily/Weekly/Monthly-
Generate Stop Report----
All Trips Report--
Landmark Report-
First/Last Movement/Ignition Report----
First/Last Trip Report-
Ignition Report-----
Speed Report---
After-Hours Report--
Daily Detail Report-
Summary Report-
Idle-Time Report----
Statewide Mileage Report--
Consolidated Trip Report--
Track Engine Run Time (engine on time)----
Geofence Report-
Location History Report-
Work Day Detail Report----
Work Day Summary Report----
Maintenance Report----