Nationwide Installation Services

Boost efficiency and drive performance right from the start with proper installation of your GPS tracking devices.

When businesses like yours are looking for a more personalized support option to manage the complete lifecycle of your GPS tracking devices—from certified installation to ongoing performance tracking to staff training—they turn to AC Global’s Installation Services.

Coupled with AC Global’s best-in-class technology, Installation Services is enhanced technical support tailored to provide a comprehensive level of service that delivers convenience, eliminates all complexity, and gives you the confidence that your mobile resource management needs will be running at peak efficiency—and freeing internal resources to focus on your core business.

We provide these premium support services:

Complete installation for your GPS tracking devices.

Utilizing certified, factory-trained install technicians located nationwide, we perform installations at the time and place that works best for you — meaning minimal disruption to your operations and faster implementation and access to your critical mobile resource data. Think of it as your personal pit crew for your GPS devices.

Simplifies the transition to GPS tracking for your business.

Our installers stay up-to-date on the latest OEM requirements and specifications so you don’t have to — not only ensuring the proper installation of your devices but also making it easy for you — and easy to remain focused on running your operation.

Experts doing what they were trained to do. Install. Support. Train.

AC Global requires multiple levels of certification for our installers including enterprise and local fleets, as well as trailers and assets for the trucking and transportation industry. The Installation Services Team includes:

  • A team of support staff who respond within 24 hours of a placed order, scheduling installation appointments at the earliest, most convenient date — typically within four to five business days.
  • The installers working in the field who perform installations are located close to our customers’ locations, nationwide. These installers perform pre-install vehicle inspections to ensure the vehicles remain in the same condition after the installation is complete.
  • Installers keep customers informed of installation status, and closely follow a comprehensive checklist of best practices to ensure proper installation.
  • Installers verify that installations are completed successfully and that the GPS devices are functioning properly before they leave the customer’s site.
  • All labor performed by our Installation Services team is guaranteed for one year after installation. If you have any issue with the GPS devices as a result of installation, we will send a technician to the location specified by you to diagnose and remedy the issue.
  • Our Installation Services support team remains available to provide post-installation troubleshooting.
  • Custom Solutions available – Following the installation, AC Global Installation Services installers can train your team on how to install AC Global GPS devices. Hands-on training typically runs from four to five sessions, and includes a shadowing period during which our installers observe your staff as they perform installations. Our installers will also leave you with an easy-to-use installation guide and documentation to reference during future installations.

Affordability so you can have the peace of mind from reliability.

Installation Services is priced make it easily affordable for our customers. Contact us today for a custom quote ranging from basic GPS installation up to installs that involve more complex requirements.

Installation Services go directly to your bottom line: because when you use our team, you’ll know that your GPS devices will be installed expertly and properly, ensuring maximum performance out of your AC Global solution — which translates into a maximum-performing business.