Resellers and Agents

What we do.

By providing a globally managed, wireless data network, AC Global GPS reduces the costs; complexities and risks associated with deploying and supporting mobile applications and connected devices. As one of the fastest growing GPS systems providers, it allows us the ability to aggressively seek the best prices of components as well as airtime, enabling us to deliver the best feature set, at the best value to our subscribers through our unique Agent distribution network opportunity.

How we do it.

Agents or resellers are offered the opportunity to promote and distribute the largest product line of GPS Location Based Services in the industry with some of the lowest priced hardware and most affordable service plans available across the United States and Canada. Agents and resellers can also manage the installation process and make a profit on the installation. Agents and resellers only buy in is two units to be able to properly demonstrate the technology. There is no Franchise fee and minimum inventory stocking requirements for resellers. Resellers and Agents earn a profit from the customers’ initial hardware investment and ability to earn a residual income off their monthly service plan needed to track their vehicles or assets.

How do Agents and Resellers fit in?

According to a recent research report published by IE Market Research (IEMR), the global market for GPS navigation and location based services will increase to $13.4 billion in 2014, a compound annual growth rate of 51.3%. In the USA and Canada, the GPS navigation and location based search market will increase to over $4.3 billion. The USA and Canada will represent nearly one-third (32.4%) of the world market share for GPS navigation and location based services spending over the next 5 years.
Simply put, we need people to help us supply the increasing demand. Businesses are looking for an affordable, reliable, as well as easy to use GPS Fleet and Asset Management system and we provide the most affordable option with the friendliest 24 hour accessible online software application to meet their needs.

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity to grow a strong residual income quickly
  • Profits off customers initial hardware investment
  • Ability to offer industry low pricing on hardware and service plans
  • Technical support provided by AC Global GPS
  • Digital marketing materials, administration portal & much more.

The Opportunity is Real and the Time is now!

We’re here to work with you step by step and help make it happen for you.
Give us a chance, give yourself a chance!

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