AT-312-EQThe AC12 EQ is part of the AC Global asset and equipment tracking line. While the device requires a power source, it does contain an internal back-up battery.

This unit has been specifically designed and engineered to update on a daily basis or manual locate. It will automatically generate unauthorized movement alerts if an automatically generated perimeter fence is broken. The device will continue to provide an unauthorized movement alert every 30 minutes until stationary. Once stationary, the device creates its own circular perimeter fence, one mile in diameter.

The AC12 EQ can be installed on any asset that contains a 12- or 24-volt power source. The device is built to withstand harsh environments and can function in up to 39 inches (1 meter) of water. Its cellular and GPS antennas are completely integrated. The AC12 EQ is supported by our three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Overview

  • Low power consumption (1mA in sleep mode)
  • Monitors engine hours
  • Voltage monitoring and low-battery notification
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade capability
  • Unauthorized Movement Alert
  • Disconnect Alerts
  • GSM Quad-band (800/900/1800/19 00 MHz)


Construction equipment rentals


  • Continuous tracking device
  • Internal battery back up
  • Low monthly rate

Product Specifications

Size: 4.87”L x 3.5”W x 1.25”H
Weight: 5.6 oz. / 158.76 grams
Operating: -30° to 60° C / -22° to 140° F
Storage: -40° to +75° C / -40° to 167° F
Wireless: GSM Quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Regulatory Approvals: FCC / IC, PTCRB
Input Voltage: +8 to +30 VDC
Power consumption:
  • 1 mA @ 13.8v in sleep mode
  • 35 mA @ 13.8v when running, or when vibration is sensed
  • 550 mA @ 13.8v when transferring and receiving data (burst)
Inputs:  1 Biased Low (Input 1)
Antenna Connections
Cellular:  Internal
GPS:  Internal
Orange Solid  Communication established with cellular network
Orange Flash  Looking for cellular network
Green Solid  Good GPS signal
Green Flash  Looking for GPS satellites
Red Solid Connected to continuous power source

Additional Features

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  • 3 year warranty
  • Warranty
  • Open Service Plans with No Contracts
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Monitor Ignition On/Off
  • Call Phone Number to Hear Vehicle Location (IVR)
  • Monitor One Input
  • Create Sub-User Accounts
  • Group Vehicles
  • 10/30
  • Reporting Interval (in minutes if not noted)
  • Locate On-Demand (ping at any time)
  • Programming API Scripts
  • Low Battery Voltage Notification
  • Auto Perimeter Fence (Unauthorized Movement Alerts)
  • Disconnect Message
  • Reconnect Message
  • Internal Antennas
  • 3,000
  • On-Board Memory Locations
  • Internal Battery
  • Motion Sensor
  • Operating Range 6-24 Volt
  • Water Resistant (IP67 Rated)

    Alert Features

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    • Send Alerts to Cell Phone
    • Send Alerts to Email
    • Set Off-Hour Alerts
    • Set Unauthorized Movement Alerts
    • Set Maintenance Alerts
    • Set Geofence Alerts

      Mapping Features

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      • Displays All Vehicles on One Mapping Page
      • Includes Current Location, Heading, and Speed
      • View Historical Travel Patterns (breadcrumb)
      • Set Up Landmarks
      • Set Square Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
      • Set Poly Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
      • Import/Export Landmarks
      • Download Historical Data to Excel
      • Change Map Icons/Map Labels
      • See Street Views
      • Display Real-Time Traffic (where available)


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