AC60An extension to the ACGlobal family of asset management solutions, the AC60 is a certified quad-band integrated platform that provides GSM/GPRS/GPS functionality for mobile asset monitoring.

The AC60 was designed for the intelligent monitoring of non-powered mobile and fixed assets. The AC60 is a battery-operated device with internal GPS and GSM antennas.

The device must be installed ensuring that the top of the device has clear access to the sky. The AC60 is a water-resistant device, pursuant to the IP-67 rating. This rating specifies that the device is protected against dust, and high pressure jets of water. The device cannot be immersed in water.

Product Overview

  • Up to 4 years of operation for every 12-hour reporting and 3 years for 8-hour reporting
  • Fully Integrated − no need for external antenna or power source
  • Superior GPS Sensitivity
  • Water Resistant – Device is protected against high pressure jets of water
  • Low Battery Alert – will report when battery voltage = 3.0V.
    • On 12-hour plan battery will last 15 days from the date of the low battery alert
    • On 8-hour plan battery will last 10 days from the date of the low battery alert
  • 15 minute Interval Tracking in the event of a stolen asset can be used up to 20 times per year

Product Specifications

Size: 10” L x 2.36” W x 2.44” H
Weight: 25 oz. / 708.74 grams
Operating: -30° to 75° C / -22° to 167° F
Storage: -40° to 85° C / -40° to 185° F
IP rating: IP67
Wireless Frequency: GSM Quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Transmit Power: Class 4 (2W@850 MHz) (2W@900 MHz) Class 1 (1W@1800 MHz) (1W@1900 MHz)
 GPS Functionality
 Receiver:  50 Channel
 Receiver Sensitivity:  -160 dBm
 Chemistry  Lithium-Ion
 Capacity  57 Amp Hour
 Power  Mode Average
 System  Sleep  < 1 mA @ 12vdc
 GSM 850  1TX/1RX  190mA
 GSM 1900  1TX/1RX  170mA

Additional Features

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  • 1 Year
  • Warranty
  • Open Service Plans with No Contracts
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Call Phone Number to Hear Vehicle Location (IVR)
  • Create Sub-User Accounts
  • Group Vehicles
  • 8hr/12hr
  • Programming API Scripts
  • Low Battery Voltage Notification
  • Internal Antennas
  • On-Board Memory Locations
  • 2,000
  • Water Resistant (IP67 Rated)

Alert Features

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  • Send Alerts to Cell Phone
  • Send Alerts to Email
  • Set Geofence Alerts

    Mapping Features

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    • Displays All Vehicles on One Mapping Page
    • View Historical Travel Patterns (breadcrumb)
    • Dispatch Closest Vehicle
    • Create Driving Directions
    • Set Up Landmarks
    • Set Speed Alerts
    • Set Square Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
    • Set Poly Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
    • Import/Export Landmarks
    • Download Historical Data to Excel
    • Change Map Icons/Map Labels
    • See Street Views
    • Display Real-Time Traffic (where available)


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