GPS Rental Program

The rental program gives you the advantages of AC Global GPS in a single bundle that includes hardware, software and service – all for one low monthly fee. There is nothing to buy and no long term contracts. And because you’re renting the equipment, it includes a lifetime warranty! If you have issues with the equipment, we’ll replace it. When we release enhancements, you automatically get them too.

The rental program is also a great way to migrate your old GPS equipment into the latest technology without incurring the high upfront costs. If you want to optimize performance of your fleet and reduce your costs, contact an AC Global GPS consultant today!


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Additional Features

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • 6 Month Contract
  • 3 year warranty
  • Monitor Ignition On/Off
  • Call Phone Number to Hear Vehicle Location (IVR)
  • Monitor Up to Three Inputs (in addition to ignition)
  • High Sensitivity GPS
  • Create Sub-User Accounts
  • Group Vehicles
  • 30 sec, 1,2,5 min service plans
  • Reporting Interval (in minutes if not noted)
  • Locate On-Demand (ping at any time)
  • Low Battery Voltage Notification
  • “optional” Starter disable
  • "optional" Door unlock
  • Reconnect Message
  • Internal Antennas
  • 20,000 stored locations
  • On-Board Memory Locations

Alert Features

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  • Send Alerts to Cell Phone
  • Send Alerts to Email
  • Set Idle Time Duration Alerts
  • Set Off-Hour Alerts
  • Set Unauthorized Movement Alerts
  • Set Stop Duration Alerts
  • Set Speed Alerts
  • Set Maintenance Alerts
  • Set Geofence Alerts

    Mapping Features

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    • Displays All Vehicles on One Mapping Page
    • Includes Current Location, Heading, and Speed
    • View Historical Travel Patterns (breadcrumb)
    • Dispatch Closest Vehicle
    • Create Driving Directions
    • Set Up Landmarks
    • Set Speed Alerts
    • Set Square Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
    • Set Poly Geofence (Boundary Alerts)
    • Import/Export Landmarks
    • Download Historical Data to Excel
    • Change Map Icons/Map Labels
    • See Street Views
    • Display Real-Time Traffic (where available)